About Us

Our values

At Say2B we believe that great customer service and open communications are key to success. Say2B team is dedicated to three main goals:

  • • We want to bring more happy customers to better companies.
  • • We want to help businesses go digital and help their clients enjoy a simple communication via their phones.
  • • We want to provide excellent customer service and attain a leading position in that field.

Our team

Alex is the founder, leader and inspirer of Say2B project. Alex is a mathematician by training and an entrepreneur by spirit. Prior to joining start-up ventures, he worked as SAP expert and a project manager for the leading oil and gas company. Colleagues and friends know him to be a razor-sharp problem solver and a hard-working man.

The faults of the customer service he faced every now and then and imperfections of the loyalty programs were so disappointing that one day he decided to change it.

A successful and profit-generating project he’s been running for about 2 years only strengthened the value of good service. So one day he gathered a team of experienced developers and together they pulled up a sketch book to draw what later became Say2B application.

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