Direct communications between customers and businesses

You can create tasks for a local business, for example, "I want to buy your great coffee on my way to work, but the cafe opens too late. Please, shift your open hours to 7 am". Other customers can vote for the task. Business can offer a solution, thank you for this idea and give a gift. Anyone can rate this solution. So business rating depends on how they treat their customers.

Write your task directly to business

and mark it as idea, issue, question or just write about your experience and rate it.

Get reply from business

that solves your problem and rate it.

Get coins and awesome gifts

for the best ideas or as an apology.

Vote for other users' tasks

if you find them valuable.

Customers tasks for any cases

Say2B Task is simple, effective and easy to use...

  • Mark your task as idea, issue or question

    It can be extremely helpful for solving your task.

  • Task visibility

    Decide who can see your task - only business or any user.

  • Your visibility

    You can hide your identity when you post a task. Your task will still be marked as verified, if you provide some evidence of your interaction with them

  • Rate you experience

    to help business & other users understand your contentment.

Just write about your problem

Lindy Jonson

"I had an appointment for a haircut, but I had spent forty minutes waiting for my order. It was a horrible waste of my time."

Eddy Harrison

"Lindy, we are so sorry for this! We had some problems with electricity. I guarantee you - this was the last time. From this moment we are calling our customers in case of any schedule shifts. Lindy, as an apology, please take a little present from us – 50% discount for your next visit."

Task list & discussions

Get into real-time discussions under any task...

  • View all tasks & post on a single board

  • Discussions

    Take part in tasks' discussions.

  • Vote for tasks and rate their solutions

    That helps business to understand what they should do

  • Fast & flexible filters

    Find any task in a few clicks using marks or additional filters

Find businesses that really love their customers

  • Huge company database

    Nearly all companies already in it.

  • Simple and powerful search tool

    Find what you need with simple & flexible filter.

  • Honest company ratings

    Our antifraud mechanism ensures that tasks or reviews were written by users, who really experienced service with a company.

All loyalty programs in your pocket

  • Store loyalty cards

    Forget about such plastic. Now you can store all your loyalty cards in our app. That also gets you verified status in all companies of the same brand.

Gifts, Coins & Discounts

  • Earn rewards

    Get presents from business for awesome ideas or as an apology.

  • Gifts on special dates or occasions

    On your birthday or other company events, you can also be rewarded.

  • Without mess

    All gifts are grouped by brands.

No fraud - true posts & ratings

We are the first service who truly solved fraud problem. With filters, you choose which posts & ratings will be displayed - all or only those coming from users, verified in a particular location/company. Customers can verify themselves using one of the six available methods. Verification evidence is seen by business reps and our moderators only.


You must be inside.

Business Check-In

Business can check-in you by scanning your screen with your personal QR-code.

Loyalty Card

Business can check this card against their database to weed out fake cards.


Just make a selfie inside the place.


Take a photo of your receipt.

Other photo evidence

For example, you can attach a photo of your contract.

Say2B Screenshots

See how our app looks like :)

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