Direct communications between customers and businesses

Your customer can create a task for your business, for example, "I want to buy your great coffee on my way to work, but the cafe opens too late. Please, shift your open hours to 7 am". Other customers can vote for the task. So you see important demand and can offer a solution, thank him or her for this idea and give a gift. Anyone can rate this solution, so you can understand how good your decision was.

Get direct task from your customers

marked as idea, issue, question or simply a review & rating of his experience.

Look at votes from other customers for this task

to understand how important or urgent the task is.

Write your solution and reply to this task

and see how your customers rate it.

Give coins or gifts

to reward the best ideas or apologize for negative experiences.

Understand all your customers' needs

  • A customer can mark a task as idea, issue or question

    So you can navigate fast through tasks, analyze statistics to understand how your business is doing.

  • Task visibility

    A customer decides who can see the task - any user or company only. It's a great chance to solve a problem before it becomes public.

  • Customer experience rating

    See how your customers rate their experience and how happy they are with your business.

Customers with issues that are resolved quickly can often turn into loyal customers and even brand advocates

Source: Lee Resources

Lindy Jonson

"I had an appointment for a haircut, but I had spent forty minutes waiting for my order. It was a horrible waste of my time."

Eddy Harrison

"Lindy, we are so sorry for this! We had some problems with electricity. I guarantee you - this was the last time. From this moment we are calling our customers in case of any schedule shifts. Lindy, as an apology, please take a little present from us – 50% discount for your next visit."

Task list & discussions

Get into real-time discussions under any task...

  • View all tasks & post on a single board

  • Discussions

    Take part in tasks' discussions.

  • Look through task votes and solution ratings

    To understand what you should do

  • Fast & flexible filters

    Find any task in a few clicks using marks or additional filters

Personalized messages to selected customers groups or prospects

to get new customers & engage existing customers (coming soon)

Create a message template

to congratulate or give news, using variables {firstname} and {lastname} : "Dear {firstname}, Hello! ..."

Attach a gift or discount

to reward new or existing customers.

Set target audience

by geo-location, interest, demographic profile and other options.

Set repeat rules for automatization

every day, week, month...

Forget about loyalty cards

but it's ok, if your customers already have them - we can add all your customers and their loyalty cards to Say2B database

  • Your customers can store their loyalty cards in Say2B app

    We make their shopping experience comfortable.

  • You can identify you customers at POS without loyalty cards by scanning customer QR-code

    or entering customer id, email or phone number.

Free, simple and ready from box reward program

You do not need any specific knowledge, software or specific device to use it - just your phone or tablet

  • Create gift template

    Just choose type (coins, gift or discount), add gift photo, if you wish, and set valid period.

  • Give gifts for tasks, events or just for fun

    to thank customers for great ideas or apologize for a negative experience. To remember about your customers' birthdays is also very important

  • Write-off gifts in one tap

    Just choose a gift and amount to write-off

Brand & places

Say2B also supports chain stores or places under a single brand

  • Reward & Loyalty programs are distributed within the whole brand

    Gifts and loyalty cards created in one place are valid in all other places under the same brand.

  • Every place has its unique information, photo & ratings

    Don't forget to keep this information up-to-date.

No fraud - true posts & ratings

We are the first service who really solved fraud problem. With filters, you choose which posts and ratings will be displayed - all or those coming from the users verified in a particular store or location. Customers verify themselves using one of the 6 available methods. Verification evidence is seen by business reps or our moderators only.


Customer must be inside.

Business Check-In

Business can check-in customer by scanning
his/her screen with a personal QR-code.

Loyalty Card

Business can check this card against their customer database to weed out fake cards.


Customer can make a selfie inside your place.


Take a photo of a receipt.

Other photo evidence

For example, customer can attach a photo of his contract with you.

Say2B Screenshots

See how our app looks like :)

Plans & Pricing

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  • Communication with your customers
  • Direct messages to your customers
  • Loyalty program
  • Reward program
  • Unlimited number of users
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Updates
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  • Communication with your customers
  • Direct messages to your customers
  • Loyalty program
  • Reward program
  • Unlimited number of users
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Updates
  • Personalized messages
    to selected customers groups or prospects

    (Paid for every user from target)

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